Why are certain informations NOT saved when saving FS2004 logbook

Flight Simulator 2004 logbook does NOT save (supports) all of the information as Flight Simulator X or Prepar3D logbook. The information that are stored within FS2004 logbook are:

  • Date of flight
  • Aircraft description
  • Remarks
  • Flight times (Day time, Night time, Instrument time and Total time)

Thus, to output valid FS2004 logbook, FS Logbook Editor does save only supported information mentioned above.

However, if you are like me, you do not have much comments in your logbook (which are stored in remarks in FS2004 logbook). For this case, FS Logbook Editor v 1.1 introduced an option to save/load some of "unsupported" information into/from remarks. These informations are:

  • Origin/Destination airport
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Whether the aircraft is multi-motor
  • Aircraft Type

If all of these are selected to be stored, they will require almost whole length of remarks section (24 characters max). So no place for comment then. If the logbook record has comment, it will take precedence and only the information that there is enough place for will be stored.

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