Importing only new flights not working in MSFS 2020

I've been playing with FSLE on MSFS 2020, and it's nice, and very extensive!  I do have one issue though. In testing, I did an import of all existing flights.  Then I did a couple more flights and imported again, making sure that "Add only flights not already in the logbook" was checked.  I've tried it a couple of different times, and found that it duplicates most (but oddly, not ALL) flights.  I can just import to a new logbook every time, but I figured I would let you know about this in case you weren't already aware.

When I get a bit more time, I'm excited to try creating my own Jasper Reports (at a previous job about 20 years ago, I created literally hundreds of Crystal Reports, and Jaspersoft Studio looks pretty similar, so that was nice).
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