FS Logbook Editor and Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

I have received a couple of questions (yes,  two, actually :) ), regarding FS Logbook Editor compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

As many others, I like the new simulator. I think it is wonderful platform (yet there is still lot of work to do in areas such as twin engine aircraft flight dynamics etc.)

I did not have access to the alpha versions, so the first time I got my hands on the simulator was with the final release, such as many as you.

FS Logbook Editor was always dependent on the logbook generated by the simulator itself. Updated: The new Microsoft Flight Simulator does not generate any local copy - It most likely stores it into your X-Box account (the game logbook is synced on my 2 PCs).

The feature of building airport database, for FSX and Prepar3D is dependent on MakeRwys, which, as far as I know, does not support the new simulator either.

So, these are the two road blocks, quite huge... Of course I would like to support the new simulator. I have some ideas,  like that I might do that flight recording, probably using FSUIPC, which I wanted to do for longer time... FSX and Prepar3D would benefit from that too...

And I know you probably read that kind of excuse all over... but it just is true for me too. FS Logbook Editor is "free time" project for me, even thought it is "payware" software. If you browsed my site, you know it is not my only free time activity.

To summarize, I cannot promise anything right now. Even if I overcome the "no logbook" by recording flights by myself, it is still just a half of an equation. It will require a lot of work, so I will also not promise that if this update happens, that it will be free. For sure it will not happen next week or next month either. My plan was to come up with some results till the end of the year, but, hell, it is already 10. month :(

Hope you understand, thanks for your support

Happy flying


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    with new version of MakeRwys from Pete and John Dowson, one of the stones has rolled off. Just released version of FS Logbook Editor - 1.70 which benefits from it and can read airport data from MSFS. The second stone, accessing MSFS logbook or recording the fligh data, still standing though.
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    So 1.71 can import MSFS data but still cannot open the logbook?
    The only .bin file I was able to locate is GRANTEDREWARDS.BIN
  • Hi,

    yes. The import is possible since 1.70, however I still did not find a way to do anything with the logbook.... For example, in my case, MSFS does not even log new flight that I made, it is stuck with the last one from sometimes back in 2020.....

    I asked about the logbook in the MSFS forums, but no answer yet....

    Somewhere on the forums I have read that there might be a .bin version of the logbook in the case of Steam version, but I cannot confirm whether this is true or not. I have the version from MS Store I was not able to locate local copy of the logbook anywhere :(

    I am not a big fan of "store everything to cloud", but this is what it is with MSFS logbook data.
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