Any planes to include DCS ?

Hi, I assume many use DCS as well, any plans to include this in the future ? * or are there a simple way to export/import "logbook" from DCS to "FS Logbook" ? Brgds Soren


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    Hi, that would be interesting. I do not have DCS right now, so I don't even know if it has some logbook. But I guess it does since you asked here :) You think it would be possible for you to send me your logbook from DCS? So I can analyse it and see if I can add support for it into FS Logbook Editor. It would be nice to have logbook with some real data, rather than some with just couple from the demo. I am currently working on some new features, so maybe it can be included in the next version. If so, you can send me the logbook at .
  • Oh, I see it is free to play. I will download it and take a look. But that logbook with real data would still be helpful :)
  • Hi, Okay great to hear, actually just started to use dcs again, due to F14 released. Before even starting I need to know how the logbook logging "works" :-). Sadly I reinstall win and lost my old "logbook" (forgot to backup that file, since I assumed it was sync with my dcs-account")...but let me check if I have some few flights after reinstall I can send you. But yes DCS base install are free but I think most use the Open Beta version since at the moment this is where F14 only works right now(will be fixed soon I assume). Brgds S.
  • Hi, so I have been looking at the DCS shortly and on the logbook file. But is is not designed even the similar way like logbook for civil flight simulator. There is an overall statistics with total time, day time, landings, than some kills and other military stuff. Than there is similar statistics for every aircraft. So unfortunately, not really possible to move it on civil flight logbook which is base around flights, origin and destination airports etc. since these data simply are not there. This is at least true for the single player. For multi-player, I guess the statistics would be stored somewhere on their server, so you cannot manipulate them easily :) (Which in single player, you can by editing logbook.lua in Documents\Saved Games\DCS\MissionEditor folder). To summarize, the support for DCS in FS Logbook Editor is sort of meaningless, would require too many exceptions and bending of the program for low added value, I think.
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    Hi, Okay I see, and yes I also see now the "logbook" in DCS is actual not very "xxxx"/ missing many "parts". But thanks for check out the functionality/possiblites, hopefully they will "upgrade/improve" this in the future, Brgds Soren.
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