FSLogbook Record Numbers order

Hi, there is a way to reorder the Records Numbers to match the flights date? I merge a couple o logbook and the date of flight are randomized, not in order, any idea?


  • Hi, so far only by saving the logbook and opening it again. And you have to have the records sorted by date and the option "Save in view order" checked in the Load and Save section of the Settings. The "Record number" is sort of virtual parameter. It is there to indicate in which order were the records loaded from the file (and thus in which order they are saved in the file being opened). But it is actually not being saved in any file format supported by FS Logbook Editor. It is not like an "ID" or something. Maybe I should rename it something like "Load order"... to make more sense.
  • Thanks for your answer. I already solve this problem. I opened the xplane log with a text editor and reorder the records manually so, when importing them, they appeared correctly ordered, both by their record number and by date.
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