Multiple takeoffs & landings on one flight

Hello I have the demo version and find that it really fits my needs with one exception. Before I place my order can you tell me if multiple takeoffs & landings on one flight show in the log? When I highlight a flight I do see them totaled at the bottom of the page under statistics but would like to see each ICAO listed. Thank you Ed


  • Hi, yes. If you double click the flight or click the Edit button, the dialog to edit the respective record will open. There, you will see the departure airport ICAO code (should be the first airport visited during the flight), the destination airport ICAO code (the last airport visited), and in the Airport list on the right side on the dialog there are listed other airports visited during the flight along with the number of landings performed at them. From all of these FS Logbook Editor computes the number of takeoffs and landings per flight. Hope that answers your question. If not or if you want to ask something else, please don't hesitate to do so.
  • Hello Thanks, I found the list. As a test I made a flight consisting of a departure, 4 touch and goes, one landing, then the destination for a total of 7 events. The flight showed up in two entries in the log, 1 for the departure only and the other flight showed the 5 mid events and the destination. The second entry with the 6 events listed 1 airport I flew over but did not land and one airport T/G was not listed. I assume this is caused by the sim not your program. I opened the edit window and tried the add/delete option but saw that the new entry was added at the bottom of the list and could not be moved. Am I missing something? I corrected the list of ICAO's by clicking in the fields and manually entering the data. The order is important since that was the order of the airports visited and also how they are shown on the map. I closed the edit window, highlighted both entries and used the join button to consolidate the data. I'm going to purchase the program but would like to know if there is an easier way to accomplish the data entry. Thanks Ed
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    Hi, the way the flights are logged is the matter of the simulator itself indeed (ie. flight broken in two records). As FS Logbook Editor just reads the log file, it cannot help if the flight is logged incorrectly (missing airports or something else). So far, the airport list does not support rearrangement of the records (airports and landings). To be honest, it did not come on my mind. I also did not check if FSX or Prepar3D saves those additional airports in the right order. But it is very simple feature to implement (the rearrangement), I just will have to try if Prepar3D and FSX will preserver it, or if it will save in whatever order it thinks is right.
  • So, just to let you know. I did test if Prepar3D will keep the ordering of airport list items...and it will. In my development version of FS Logbook Editor, there are now buttons to move these items up and down in the list. Will think about some more new features, so not to recompile installer just for two buttons :) Other suggestions or bug reports are welcome.
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