If you bought FS Logbook Editor via SimPlanet or FlightSimStore...

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Maybe most of you noticed, but FlightSimStore ended its business. Or at least it looks like that, since the site does not work well, is empty and there were various notifications on another forums about the lack of support and other things. So I also removed a link to buy FS Logbook Editor from this vendor from my site. As in the past with the SimPlanet, if you have purchased FS Logbook Editor from FlightSimStore and you don't have the latest version (or do not have any backup) of the installer, let me know and I will provide that to you. I just need if you send me an order number and preferably some proof of purchase, like a row from Paypal listing or similar (since I also may not have numbers of all the orders that have been made). Oh, yeah, and send it to admin@mouseviator.com.


  • I purchased FS Logbook Editor from the flightsim store and can't download the new version. I sent an email to admin@mouseviator.com but haven't received anything back
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