desapointed by Flightsim store

Hello, I am sorry to have to intervene here and apologize if this is not the right place. I bought on June 20th on the site of Flightsim store where I have an account software Radek Henys -FS logbook Editor; paid and collected it was impossible for me to download it despite my many requests to support the site. I recently knew that the site has difficulties and some developers do not recommend this shop. I turn to you Redek to try to find a solution if it is possible of course. Order N ° FSS0569572 at Flightsim store. PS: I thank any help in advance and said that being French I have only weak English ... obviously GALLON8371


  • Hi, this is the first time I hear about this and sorry for your problems. Is I connected today to check your order ID I see their servers are very slow, probably overloaded or something. Anyway, I have send the link to download the full version to your email. Mouseviator
  • Hello everyone I am back on the forum and observes with horror that I did not publicly thank Darek for taking into account my problem of unloading on the site Flightsim store. I want to thank him here publicly. Simmer from the beginning I rarely speak on the forums but consults them very often and I know that a true fraternity can exist within this community. I still have the proof today. thanks again Darek and good flights to all GALLON
  • Sorry but we must read RADEK instead of Darek ... Ah! age what a naughty and beautiful thing at once ..
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