FS Logbook Editor version 1.5

Hi, about 3 hour ago I just finished and compiled the FINAL version of FS Logbook Editor v1.50. It brings up some new features and fixes some bugs. So what changed?

So that I would not just copy and paste the changelog... In this new version the bigger addition is the Map Viewer. You can view flights on map right from within FS Logbook Editor.

Database support has been finished. Previously, FS Logbook Editor "was prepared" for database systems other than default SQLite. But other engines did not really work. Now MariaDB, MySQL and MicrosoftSQL databases can be used to store airport data and all have been tested with FS Logbook Editor. See the documentation for more details.

Also added an option to filter records at the Editor tab. You can define your own filtering conditions to show/hide records.

Added option to show/hide columns from the main logbook table view.

And last but not least, some bugs were caught ... some new maybe made it in...

Hope you will like it. Opinions, suggestions and bug reports are welcome...

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