Distance flown

I recently downloaded the demo version and loaded my P3DV3.4 flights. Virtually everything appears correctly, however the "distance flown" for each flight was 0 (also no origin/destination information other than ICAO codes was shown). I have used a similar utility called Little Logbook which apparently won't be updated for P3DV4 and it does show mileage. I am considering purchasing your product but not having the mileage shown would be a concern. Does your payware version actually show mileage? Lack of origin/destination information is not a big issue. Thanks for any info. JayGee


  • In settings > simulators you need to find and correctly link up P3D v4, and in settings > database you must import airport data from P3D. Then it will show distances.

    This is all in the massive instruction document (I'm not the developer, just checking back here to see if he'd answered my question from several weeks ago about hiding columns).
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