FS Logbook Editor and Prepar3D v4 compatibility


I looked into the format of logbook of Prepar3D v4. Except that texts are saved in unicode encoding, nothing seems to have changed. Unfortunatelly, there is some bug in Prepar3D v4, which cause that departure and destination airports are not correctly saved in the logbook:


Once this is resolved, I will recheck that my code (which I modified to correctly support the unicode encoding) works and will push an updated version of FS Logbook Editor.


  • They claim this is fixed in the latest HF release. Awaiting the V4 update to clean up and fix the original few hours after installing.
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    Hi, I downloaded and installed the update the day they released it. Yes, the airport codes are now fixed and stored as they are supposed to be (and as I supposed that they are supposed to be saved :)). But they did not make it as easy as I hoped. Apparently, Prepar3D does append new flights. It does not read the whole logbook, append new flight and then store it back. I flew one flight after installing the hotfix and noticed, that this new flight is stored correctly, but the previous ones did not change (they are still missing half of the bytes). So today I adapted my code so it should recognize these records and load them even thought that airport codes are incomplete. Not very happy from adding these "hacks" as they add on complexity and possibility for bugs. So I will need a little time to make myself more sure that I did not brake the code somewhere else. Than standard update procedures follows, little polishing here and there... The boring part - updating the manual, recompiling installer and ship it to distributors. Hope will be able to make it within 2 weeks or so.
  • I noticed that also. First half of the entries are still 32 bit. Now they appear as Chinese characters. i have the first few 32 bit flights logged in excell so I can fix them later when the logbook is editable which I'm sure others will be doing.
  • Any word on an updated version for v4?
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    of course during testing I found little bugs that sneaked in thanks to the exceptions I added for the records written by the first version of Prepar3D v4. Hope I fixed them all and notified all the publishers. The updated installers should be available soon in the shop you purchased at.

    Due to changed encoding of v4 logbook file, I changed the dialog that asked you about the simulator version during saving. Now this dialog asks you about simulator version and file encoding before opening the file and also before saving it. The encoding option has been removed from the General section of Load and Save tab in the Settings (as it is now on the dialog). The dialog will remember your encoding selection for every simulator version for open and save action separately and will pre-select the last you used. Also changed the format of recent_files.xml, so the simulator version is saved with the path, again to pre-select if you open via the Recent files menu. Hope this should minimize the required clicking...

    For FS2004 and X-Plane logbook files, the encoding option has been added as separate option for each respective file at Settings.

    That is in short, what have changed. See the help file, where there are little more details. In case of any trouble, report here in the forums or directly to my email: admin@mouseviator.com.

    Nice weekend to all.
  • PERFECT! Works great and everything fixed. Thanks!!
  • How soon will be be available to The FlightSim Store?
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    Hi, they are usually pretty fast. Bud did not receive any confirmation on my update, so I mailed them again. It is probably due to the holiday time. If it is not there by Thursday, send me some proof of purchase (paypal receipt or something) to admin@mouseviator.com and I will send you the installer by myself.
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