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thanks to all who responded to my survey about feature of FS Logbook Editor.  It might look that I have completely ignored it, which I am sorry for. I would like to apologize for the long time you had to wait for some result. Trying to figure out some reason why, because I have so many things going on? Well, I also read that everywhere, so it no longer sound like very reasonable explanation, no matter that it is true. As sadly as it might sound, FS Logbook Editor is not within my top priorities, it is free time activity (but I still enjoy programming new features) and thanks to all of you who bought it.

But that is not why I am writing this post. It might sound like I want to announce the end of development, but NO. I just wanted to inform you, that in my development version I just added airport information (city, country, state, distance flown) to the logbook display. Having the airport information now allows me to do stuff I was never to do before (compute distance flown - just great circle distance where possible), exort to kml and other. 

So far the airport information is gathered from FSX/P3D usinf Makerwys, but I want to write scanner for x-plane airport information also. 

So the message is, the update is in works. I was able to fit the airport database within the existing code. I do not want to rewrite the GUI right now just to be able to say I have new major version. So when this update is available, it will be 90% free. For the reasons above, I cannot tell when this will be ready or what functions will be included (airport information and distance flown are now in my development version, but not yet complete). But now when I wrote about it, at least I have to finish it.

In the survey, someone wrote that he/she would like:
* TO and Landing stats for individual airports.
- It is there already in one of the templates.

* Personal minimums section to function correctly with P3D.
- Can you explain more. Personal minimums are independed of simulator, they work based of flight times loaded from logbook. If there is something wrong, the same issue would appear in FSX logbook or X-Plane logbook.

If anyone have any other suggestions, let me know here or via email.



  • Hello, the logbook is amazing, I am extremely satisfied with it. However, I would like the flight data to be registered automatically (I use x-plane 11), and that the time of departure and time of landing will also be recorded.
  • Hi. FS Logbook Editor does not monitor the simulators during the flight. It can only work with the information stored in the logbook (recorder by the simulator itself). X-Plane does not record departure or landing time, nor flight path. This would require some monitoring component to watch you fly the whole time. I may think about this in the future. But if, it would be like FS Logbook Editor version 2, which would be paid upgrade as I think this functionality would require quite a lot of work and some design changes.
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