demo v1.31 issues

Dear Mr. Henys,

Dear Sirs,

yesterday I installed by the first time the demo v1.31 of your

It seems that it shouldn't properly handle/parse the flights with
multiple landings.

In particular, if exported in CSV format, the respective fields
(ICAO Id and Nr) are written in the rightmost position, after the
comment field;

far away then from the destination ICAO ID. Which is IMHO a bit
annoying, I'm afraid.

Moreover many of notified errors are not really "errors": for
instance when the departure or destination ICAO is missing, since... the
saved situation was on flight!

FYI - I'd like to enclose the pertinent log file created by your program. How?

Should they be a (minor) bugs or a no-feature by design choice?    If
so, have you intention of fixing it? TIA.

Best regards,

Roberto S. from Switzerland


  • Hi,

    sorry I did not notice your post sooner in this summer time. I am not exactly sure what you mean by:
    It seems that it shouldn't properly handle/parse the flights with
    multiple landings.

    Is it really that it shouldn't, or it does not handle/parse flight with multiple landings properly? Can you post some record?

    Will take a look at the CSV export. If you can, please send me the problem log file and exported csv file.
    The log file created by FS Logbook Editor is stored in FS Logbook Editor installation folder as text file. There should be more of them (depends on settings, last 5 by default). They are named by date and time FS Logbook Editor was started, like:

    20150522014941.txt (Year - 2015, Month - 05, Day - 22, Hour - 01, MInute - 49, Second - 41)

    You can send me one and point me on what errors you mean.
    Some messages are meant as error/warnings. Like the ones with missing ICAO airport codes when you start the flight in the air. It is no problem for FS Logbook Editor nor FSX, but it is kind of "inconsistent" flight record. Like in reallity, you cannot start in flight.

    You can send me the problem files for inspection at

    Best regards

    Radek Henys

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    Dear Radek,
    I  just did reply you via E-mail. HTH.
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    For others to know,

    with help of RobertSCH, we discussed FS Logbook Editor functionality, sorted things out and the result is - some minor fixes, changes and additions.

    The dialog that is shown when exporting to CSV file has been redesigned and have new additional options. There is new option to insert column headers at the first line in the resulting CVS file. Also, there is an option to "Fill related lines". If logbook record (flight) had more than one airport in the airport list, there were multiple lines in the resulting CSV file related to that flight. The first line contained all the data like date of flight, origin, destination etc. and the first airport from airport list. For the other lines, all the columns were empty except the ones for other airports from airport list. "Fill related lines" option will insert the date of flight, origin, destination etc. also in those other lines. This would help you if you want to import the CSV file to Excel (for example) and do some filtering. The lines for one flight should stay together, whereas when the columns were empty, they would go off somewhere.

    Other changes are:
    Pilot certifications were not displayed in colors until there were clicked on. Fixed.
    Recent files that no longer exists are not loaded.

    I will take a little bit of time for the case there are another ideas or bugs found and will make the update official. If anybody have any idea, let me know.

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