Why are some aircrafts logged as amphibians?

today I was asked via email why certain aircrafts are logged as "Amphibian", when they are not amphibians. This happens for example with iFly 737NG, RealAir Dukes (B60 and Turbine), RealAir Lancair Legacy, some aircrafts from A2A and ... we could go :) 

Well, the reason is, simply saying, because they are so good :) Not that I would be so smart to find out myself, it was discussed before, for example here:

I just thought it would be nice to share the "why", in case you do not know already.

Ok, but back to "because they are so ggod :)". With many of the addon aircrafts, like the ones I mentioned, you can practice ditching (emergency landing on water). You should be able to land them on water without the simulator telling you that you have crashed once you get the belly of your aircraft wet and the aircraft should float when it comes to stop. For this behavior, FSX and Prepar3D sees those aircrafts as amphibians and thus in the logbook the flight are logged as being flown with amphibian aircraft. 

Unless you want to mess up with aircraft configuration files (I would not suggest this), you will have to live with it.

Happy flying

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