Update 1.15


I would like to inform you guys about the new update that is about to come. Here is the excerpt from changelog:

  • Fixed: The loading of FSX Binary logbook could have fail when there was an item with empty ICAO code or invalid number of landings inside airport list of the record. Now, when empty ICAO code is found inside airport list, it will be filled with one of these: destination airport, origin airport or with "UNMD" (for unnamed airport). Should the airport list item contain empty icao code and invalid number of landings, it will NOT be loaded.
  • Fixed: Number of landings for one airport list item was limited to 127. It has been corrected to 255, the same limit as in FSX.
  • Fixed: It was possible to close Record edit dialog without finishing changes inside airport list table.
  • Added: Support email and forums on the About dialog.
  • Added: The dialogs to open and save now remembers the folder they were lastly in.

The new version will be probably 1.15, maybe 1.20, depending on amount of changes. I would like to finish it till this Sunday (3.8.2014).

If anyone has any suggestion or found a bug, please let me know here on via the email: admin@mouseviator.com.

Radek Henys


  • Hello,

    I finished the updated version 1.15 just this morning. You can view the final CHANGELIST at product page here:


    Hope I have succeeded in fixing some bugs and moving FS Logbook Editor to be a better product, bringing a minimum amount of new bugs at the same time :)

    Please note that it could take day or two till the updated version is available at the store you have purchased FS Logbook Editor at.

    As written before, if you have any trouble with FS Logbook Editor, or suggestions, write in this forums or directly to me at: admin@mouseviator.com.

    Radek Henys

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