Size of screen and columns

I have downloaded and installed the demo version. I have some remarks that could make your product better / easier to handle. My original Flight Simulator is dismantled due to rebuilding my cockpit, so I had to test it on my laptop (should not nake any difference).
  • First of all after starting the program it finds that there are more possible logfiles. Maybe the order of the files found can be changed so the previously selected file is the default file.
  • The default screensize is such that not all columns are shown in the desired width, so I have to resize the entire screen. After closing and restarting the program it starts with the default (too smalll) screen. The size I want the screen to show is not saved.
  • The columns can be resized and I use this feature, however at some point the program starts to resize the columns, I have just resized, automatically and I can start from the beginning in resizing the columns to the width I want. This especially goes for the last two columns (Multimotor and Comments). It would be nice if the program leaves the columns to the size I want.



  • Hi,

    thanks for your suggestions. I will definitely think about implementing them. I am currently working on updated version, as this one also has some trouble loading Flight Simulator 2004 logbook under some circumstances.

    The automatic find of logbook only happens when the application starts. Did you mean the logbook selected by default in the selection window should be the one you selected here the last time, or the one you opened lastly during previous session?

    Radek Henys

  • After starting the program you are presented with a screen with the caption 'Select logbook'. According to the text in this screen this will only happen when the program has found more than one logbook. I fly with Prepar3D (although I still have an old FSX version on the laptop I am testing your program on), so I choose this option from the drop down list. It would be nice if this choice was remebered and the next time I run the progam that choice would be presented as the first choice in the selection screen so I only have to click 'OK' to select my logbook.

    I also found that the in the selection list there is an 'wxstationlist.BIN' selectable. This however is not a logbook so should be omitted in the selection list. If I do select this file I get an error message 'Failed to load logbook' and in the log I get this entry '28.06.2014 10:50:59 -> Reading of logbook FAILED! No records were found in the file: wxstationlist.BIN!'. It would be nice to only have 'real' logbooks for selection.

  • Hi, I thought you would like to know that I implemented the following into upcoming update:

    The position and size of main window is remembered.
    The logbook you selected in logbook chooser after application start is remembered and made default choice next time FS Logbook Editor starts.

    I am still thinking about how to deal with columns resize. I will probably add an option to enable/disable auto resize - so everyone can use what he/she likes. Because If I disable auto-resize, you will have to adjust columns manually all the time (they will not resize for example if the application window resizes). Not everyone may like this.

    I know the logbook selection dialog may display bin files other than Logbook files. I did not want to limit the searching to Logbook.bin, as it than would not find possible logbook files with custom names (even though flight simulator will ignore these). So far I have no easy/fast/reliable way how to test if the file is really flight simulator logbook (other than actually trying to read it).
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