Update 1.30


hope most of you: sim aviators, will be happy to read, that another update is in development.

So far, I am working on support for X-Plane-10 logbook. And I would like to ask for help here. If anyone would be of the great will and would like to send me his/her X-Plane 10 logbook file - it would really help the development, to catch some bugs and test some inputs I did not think of. You can send them on my email: admin@mouseviator.com. Thanks in advance for any contribution.

Not sure about the update number, again it depends on how much I will put in. Hopefully I will be able to make it till Christmass (that includes 24th December, right?) - but, I believe most of you know how rush is the time especially at the end of the year... so to keep my doors open a little :)

Radek Henys


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    Well, no matter how much I wanted to, it showed up to be impossible to finish the update before Christmas. But here I come with an update. All the features I wanted to implement in the update are now done and the new version is entering beta testing stage.

    What was added you ask?

    Apart from some small fixes as usually, almost all time spent by development was by new Pilot statistics tab, which allows you to compute various flight times statistics and takeoffs and landings statistics. For that purpose, you can define here your own user aircraft categories. Also there is a new pilot certifications section where you can see what certification you are eligible for based on your logged flight time.

    You can expect the new version to be released in January.
  • Version 1.30 released! It should be available soon via the shop you bought FS Logbook Editor at. See the updated product page: http://mouseviator.com/pc-creations/fs-logbook-editor/ , where you can find new DEMO version, updated Help file and some information.
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