Update 1.31 READY


it's been some time since version 1.30 was released. Maybe you thought there will be no further updates at all. But there will be at least one. I've implemented some features suggested by you - the users. Take a look at the development build:

From the image you can guess what has been added:
  • Open Logbook (Auto find)... will perform the same search action FS Logbook Editor does on the start and will display a selection dialog to open one of automatically found logbook file (if any)
  • Recent files... - shows the last opened logbook files. Recent files are now also displayed in the dialog I wrote about above.
  • In settings there is an option to save logbook records in "view order". (Meaning if you sort them by date column, they will be saved in that order).
I would like to add an option to automatically save logbook in .fslex format when saving logbook. I will probably not implement the backwards process for now (merging .fslex file with logbook being opened) as this would be rather complicated for this small update.

And for release date. I can't tell you any. These changes are not very complicated but still require testing, documentation update etc. I wanted to write something about how short on time I am, but that would be just excuses which you might not be interested in. 

I just wanted to let you know about the update and ... when it's done it's done.



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